Photo credits: Long Island First Response TV

Photo credits: FirstOnScenePhotos

Mineola Fire Department

Photo credits: Long Island First Response TV

On Thursday September 12, 2019, at 0550 hours the Mineola Volunteer Fire Department was alerted by Nassau County Fire Communications - Firecom for a basement fire located in the east end of the village.

Chief Magalhaes was the first unit on scene and transmitted the Signal 98 (Smoke Showing). By transmitting the Signal 98, it provides the incoming units with mutual aid; Garden City Fire Department Ladder (FAS Truck), Williston Park Fire Department Engine, Garden City Park Heavy Rescue (Standby) and East Williston Engine (Standby).

Chief Connolly and Chief Magalhaes were met by the homeowner who stated that everyone is out of the house as they were making their way inside the house. Chief Connolly relayed to incoming units that the main body of fire was knocked down, but still has pockets of fire in the basement. Tower Ladder 168 led by Truck Captain S. Wolf and 168 Entry made their way down to the basement to locate the remaining fire while Engine 162 led by Engine 3 Captain M. Frietas and Engine 1 LT N. Ressa stretched a line and met TL 168 entry at the basement stairs and extinguished the remaining fire.

Fire was fully knocked down within 20 minutes. No occupants or firefighters were injured.

Thursday September 12, 2019

Basement Fire


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