Dear Neighbor,

The Mineola Fire Department is ready to offer their help. In addition to fighting fires and making rescues, the Fire department has a proud history of being a major part of the Mineola community providing services including giving lectures at area schools and performing Operation Santa to name a few. The volunteers spend many hours away from home for schooling, drills and planning to keep our Department one of the most efficient and best firefighting units in the country.  In addition, take advantage of our top fire insurance rating and save yourself money, by making sure your fire insurance policy specifies "Protected by the Mineola Fire District."

Its now our turn to ask for your help. As in any organization, many expenses are incurred by our Volunteer Department. As a result, your assistance is requested by offering a donation to help defer the cost. any donation, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

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Your donation is Tax Deductible.

If you Received our Fund Drive Mailer via the Us Mail then please locate your Sequence Number and enter it below.


Please Donate to our all Volunteer Fire Department.

In Case of emergency Dial

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