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Pictured LtoR: Ex-Capt Sonera, FF Stephen McCarthy and Ex -Capt Tartaglia

Pictured LtoR: Ex-Capt Sonera, FF Stephen McCarthy and Ex -Capt Tartaglia

FF. Stephen McCarthy Honored by Town Supervisor

  However he still longed for the brotherhood of the Fire Service. During his tour of duty his firehouse friends kept him up to date on the events in the firehouse and Steve could not wait to return.  After 18 months of Active duty Steve hopped up on to the back step of a Fire Engine and has been there ever since.  

Steve has a thirst for knowledge and can often be found at Company Drills, Seminars and Fire Academy trainings.  He is always eager to learn new things and does not mind getting his hands dirty. When the pager goes off Steve is always there.  Despite working full time keeping the Village of East Hills safe Steve consistently maintains one of the highest fire attendance records in the department.

When Steve is not training he is maintaining the firehouse like it is his own home.  He meticulously cleans the rigs and checks the equipment to insure the company is ready to answer the next alarm.  Back in quarters, Firefighter McCarthy can often be found pitching in at Fire Prevention events as well.  He enjoys demonstrating the equipment and providing tours of the apparatus to the local school groups. 

Steve’s work ethic is unparalleled in the Firehouse.  A recent anecdote exemplifies his diligence to duty:  A torrential rain storm left a partial ceiling collapse inside the truck room of the firehouse.  It was early morning and Steve came into the firehouse and saw the damage. Younger members were not sure what to do and called the chief. But Steve knew what needed to be done.   Despite being a 35 year veteran he immediately grabbed a mop and started cleaning up the tremendous mess.  No one had to tell him, he always does the right thing.  The Chief arrived and thanked Steve for cleaning up the mess.   Firefighter McCarthy replied “I wouldn’t want anyone to slip and get hurt.”  This type of selfless action makes Steve a role model for our new firefighters. The fire service is often described as a brotherhood or a family.  Steve is that big brother who is always looking out for the rest of the family and making sure the house is in order. Never looking for recognition and often working behind the scenes to get the job done.  The members of Engine Company Three are privileged to call Firefighter Steven McCarthy their Brother.  The Mineola Fire Department was honored to submit Steve’s name for recognition as a Town of Hempstead Firematic Service Award recipient.

On Thursday October 22, 2015 the members of the Mineola Fire Department family came together to honor one of their own, Firefighter Stephen McCarthy.  On this night Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray would be bestowing the Town of Hempstead Firematic Service award upon Steve.

Firefighter Stephen McCarthy has served the Village of Mineola for over 35 Years. He started as one of the Charter members of the Mineola Junior Fire Department in 1976.  When he was old enough to serve as a firefighter, Steve chose to join Engine Co#3 in 1978.  He soon completed the required training and proved himself to be a valued member of the company. 

In 1980 Steve left the Mineola Fire Department to enlist in the United States Navy.  As a Submarine Tender Steve’s assignments took him all around the world.  From the Mediterranean to Scotland to Germany, Steve enjoyed seeing the different countries. 

Pictured LtoR: Ex-Capt Sonera, FF Stephen McCarthy and Ex -Capt Tartaglia

Pictured LtoR: Ex-Capt Sonera, FF Stephen McCarthy and Ex -Capt Tartaglia

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray Awards Firefighter McCarthy

The Town of Hempstead Firematic Service Award.

Pictured LtoR: Ex-Capt Sonera, FF Stephen McCarthy and Ex -Capt Tartaglia