Lt. Kevin Nicoll makes rescue in Manhasset

The Town of North Hempstead recently honored several heroes for their actions at a fire in the Manhasset Bay Marina in August 2014. Among the honorees was Mineola Fire Department member Lt. Kevin Nicoll. Kevin was working at the Manhasset Bay Marina and had just returned to the dock when an explosion occurred on a vessel which was refueling. As the flames spread, many ran from the conflagration which was now threatening to extend to several other boats along the dock. Kevin knew that time was of the essence and ran towards the fire. Arriving at the scene, Kevin was first able to access the emergency shut off for the fuel pumps at the dock. Kevin notified Town of North Hempstead Harbor Master Mal Nathan (his step-father) of the developing situation and then began moving his own boat away from the fire. The fire continued to intensify and it was impinging upon several other vessels which were in danger of catching fire. Kevin saw a fellow dock worker who was trying to pull the burning boat away from the dock. Without regard for his own safety, Kevin began to navigate his boat towards the fire to help tow the burning boat out into the open water. But as Kevin approached the fire he came upon an even higher priority, injured victims in the water. Kevin spotted a man partially submerged in the water. The victim was conscious but obviously disoriented and started to go under the water. Kevin was able to get into the water and grab ahold of the victim before he went under. He then pulled the victim to safety aboard his boat. It was later determined that this individual had been a passenger in the vessel which had caught fire and the initial explosion had thrown the victim into the water. A second victim who was fatally injured from the initial explosion was recovered later in the operation. Witnesses to the event credit Kevin and his fellow workers with saving the life of the injured passenger as well as saving the dock and vessels from millions of dollars in damage. Kevin is no stranger to handling emergencies. As a volunteer firefighter in the Mineola Fire Department since 2008, Kevin has responded to hundreds of emergency calls including over 140 alarms in 2014. As a First Lieutenant in Engine Company One he has directed the operations of firefighters at several emergency scenes, most notably as the initial Incident Commander at the fire above Wong’s Noodle House on Mineola Blvd. Kevin was joined by his immediate family as well as his firehouse family on Tuesday September 9, 2014 as the Town of North Hempstead board recognized him for his bravery. Mineola FD Chief Jeff Clark and Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss were on hand at Town hall to congratulate Kevin on his heroics.


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