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October Shapes up to be Accident Prone Month

In the past weeks the Mineola Fire Department has been called to multiple motor vehicle accidents with entrapment.  MFD volunteer firefighters have successfully saved three drivers. These recues were the direct result of hours of extensive training and the utilization of specialized extrication equipment.  Although these types of incidents are uncommon in our Village, Mineola Firefighters are always prepared to handle the call. 

MFD Extricates Victims from auto accident at Willis Ave. and Linden Blvd.

both the Fire Department and Police Department to free the driver.  The coordinated operation resulted in an effective extrication in minimal time.  Meanwhile Firefighter Jack Wolf was working to extricate the second driver.  Firefighters Rick Ueland, Mark Danielson and Jon Michael Schiavone assisted in this rescue under the direction of Truck Two Captain Andrew Martone.  All the while Ex-Captain Nicholas Martone, chauffeur of Heavy Rescue 1610 insured that the firefighters had all of the resources they needed to complete the rescues.

On Thursday October 8, 2015 at 1243PM Mineola was alerted for an auto accident with entrapment at Willis Ave and Linden Road. Upon arrival First Assistant Chief Brian Santosus confirmed to responding Mineola units that he had two vehicles involved with Drivers trapped in each vehicle.  Second Assistant Chief Robert Connolly arrived on scene and entered one vehicle to stabilize the driver and prepare the victim for extrication.  Mineola FD Heavy Rescue Unit 1610 arrived on scene and immediately deployed the “Jaws of Life”.  Ex-Chief Scott Strauss began working with Nassau County Police Department Emergency Service Unit officers to disentangle one driver from a severely compromised vehicle. The extensive operation involved using tools from

Both of the life saving rescues narrated above were a combination of skill, training, professionalism and community involvement.  If you think you can help your neighbors in their time of need then follow the link below to join. The Mineola Fire Department is always looking for new members who want to make a difference.

The tools were not back on the truck more than a day before the next call to duty went out.  On Friday 10-9-15 at 7:17PM a thunderstorm was battering Mineola.  The call went out for an Auto Accident at Willis Ave and Second Street.  Second Assistant Chief Robert Connolly arrived on scene to find an elderly Female occupant pinned in the driver’s seat.  Once again Heavy Rescue 1610 Chauffeured by Ex-Captain Nick Martone arrived on scene and went right to work. Firefighter Thomas Redmond had the “Jaws of Life” and began making the opening to remove the patient.  He was assisted by Ex-Captains Mark Danielson, Chris Franz and Paulo Martins , Firefighter Tom Capruso, John Englis, Steve Hopkins, Jack Wolf and Madision Wolf.   Second Lieutenant Spencer Wolf coordinated the operation until the arrival of First Lieutenant Bryan Strauss who ultimately led Truck Two


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