Monday January 4, 2021

House Fire on Andrews Road

On January 4th, 2021, Mineola Fire Department was alerted for a House Fire at 179 Andrews Road. 2nd Assistant Chief Magalhaes (1602), TL168, and E162 were en route to an AFA at 12 E Jericho Turnpike at 1854hours when Firecom advised 1602 that they are getting a second alarm for a house fire. Chief Magalhaes, TL168 and E162 redirected to the house fire.

Chief of Department Connolly (1600) was first on scene at the house fire and transmitted the working fire and gave the units coming in a size up. The fire was through the roof on arrival. E162 had two lines stretch and in operation. TL168 and L165 performed searches on all floors and did an extensive overhaul on the second floor/attic. Fire under control in 30 minutes.

Mutual aid by Williston Park Fire Department, Carle Place Fire Dept, Garden City Fire Department, East Williston Fire Department. Photo/Video Credits: Over the Edge Photography K2M Photography S3 Aviation Unknown