Photos by Chris Danielson

On Monday June 8th, 2020, the Mineola Volunteer Fire Department held their annual swearing in ceremony for the Chiefs, Company Officers and Wardens. The ceremony was held on headquarters truck ramp where Mayor Strauss and Village Board joined the department along with their families.

Mineola Fire Department has three Chiefs who are elected by the department to lead and represent them to the public. Chief of Department (1600) Robert Connolly, 1st Assistant Chief (1601) Andrew Martone Jr., and 2nd Assistant Chief (1602) Domingos Magalhaes.

Each company have three Officers and two wardens. Company One Officers; Captain Michael J. Fernandes, 1st Lieutenant Daniel Accatino, 2nd Lieutenant Neal Ressa, Warden Ex-Chief Louis Santosus, and Warden Ex-Captain Jack Fernandes. Company Two Officers; Captain Spencer Wolf, 1st Lieutenant Christopher Strauss, 2nd Lieutenant Brendan Corrigan, Warden FF Scott Brennan, and Warden Ex-Chief Jeff Cark. Company Three Officers; Captain Danny Magalhaes, 1st Lieutenant Andrew Carvalho, 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Attard, Warden Ex-Chief Gary Mazur, Warden FF Anthony Natale.

2020 Swearing Inn Ceremony