-Identify hotspots

-Direct master stream operations

-Confirm extension of fire

-Identify trouble with roof motors and HVAC units

-Body searches

Pre-Planning & Maps

-Mineola's Drone Response Team has been operational since 2020

-It has been a long time in the making•Made up of 26 FAA licensed pilots and many more visual observers

-Available for mutual aid assignment 24 hours per day with a simple request through Firecom

-Response vehicle with DRT equipment and pilots respond to your scene

-Remote viewing is established at your Command Post and off site if needed

-Primary aircraft is the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, a visible and a radiometric thermal imaging device

-Access to other aircraft as needed to accomplish the mission

-Much cheaper to operate than conventional aviation units

-Pre-plan frequent locations

-Create aerial photos to use when planning rig placement

-Create up-to-date mapping that you can’t get with Google

-Share maps with CAD or in-vehicle software

-Track construction progress

Thermal Imagery

-Aerial views of the roof

-Visibility to the “3” side

-Coordinate apparatus placement

-Plan and spot water source issues

-Locate other ingress and egress for apparatus

Drone Response Team

Drone Response Team Facts

Unique Perspective