Volunteer Firefighting - one of the most respected forms of community service!

The Mineola Fire Department has been proudly serving the Incorporated Village of Mineola for more than 125 years, giving back to the community during fires, emergencies, natural disasters and running fundraisers. We respond to hundreds of calls throughout the year

What does it cost you to become a firefighter?

Nothing! All of your firefighting training is available to you free of charge through the Mineola Fire Department. We also supply you with a free uniform, badges, pager, and equipment.  

Who are we?

We are a dynamic group of people with various backgrounds and life experiences. We are business people, students, law enforcement, fire service, medical services, bankers, teachers and much more. We form a close knit family that is committed to serving our hometown. 

What does it take to be a volunteer firefighter?

We train every Sunday morning (10am to 12pm), Monday Night (7pm to 10pm) and we have company meetings every second Tuesday of the month. We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year for our community and when you are home and the pager, text message or siren goes off, you respond directly from where you are to the firehouse to answer the call for a neighbor in need. 

Benefits of Joining

- Community Service

- Friendship/Camaraderie

- Satisfaction

- Respect

- Property Tax Reductions

- FREE College Tuition Sponsored by Nassau County 

- Length of Service Award Program