Captain - Nicholas Yokaitis

Lieutenant - Alanah Pullo

Lieutenant - Connor Kelly

Lieutenant - John Valentino

About Us

Post 160 is a group of young adults (fire explorers) ages 14 ( or have completed 8 th Grade) to 18 years old who are interested in the fire service. The Mineola Junior Fire Department are sponsored by the Mineola Fire Department and chartered by the Boy Scouts of America.

What do we do?
Junior fire fighters learn nearly all aspects of basic fire fighting. These include topics such as fire suppression, salvage and overhaul, SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) aerial operations, ground ladders, first aid, public relations etc. After demonstrating excellence in all areas of the program the juniors then can join the departments Ride-A-Long Program. Members must have parental permission to participate in this program. They are allowed to respond to the firehouse and man the trucks to a fire scene.

By responding to fire calls the junior firefighter frees up a qualified senior firefighter to perform other crucial tasks. While their assistance is an asset to the scene, their primary purpose for going on these calls is to learn first-hand fire ground operations and fire cause investigations. They do not perform actual fire fighting activities. Being a firefighter can be a dangerous job. Strict laws exist to protect minors from hazardous dangers. The Mineola Fire Department takes safety very seriously during training or real emergencies.

The Mineola Fire Department has recently adopted a seventeen year old rule that allows a junior who has turned seventeen and is entering his senior year in high school to apply for membership in the Mineola Fire Department. A number of our juniors have taken advantage of this ruling and are now members of the fire department. We hope this gives you a little insight on the workings of the Mineola Junior Fire Department.